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One photo at a time. Seriously?

Two stars because it does what it says. But seriously, we can't select multiple photos and scrub them all? Come on man.

Needs video tag removal

Needs video tag removal

It works great!

Does what it says it does, removes metadata from photos. You can easily check if it works when you open a photo with an exif reader app inside the photos album.

Didn't work for me

Using a program that allows you to see location data. After the success banner pops up taking the clean picture and going to a exif viewer the same data was there like a sore thumb.

Simple to use

I have been looking for a affordable app that would do exactly this. This app works great. It make sure that you photos don't give you away or so to speak. Easy interface take less then a second.

Great Tool

Love it

Just turn off location services for photos

Bing bang boom done. This app clears ALL exif data including date, which is usually a bad thing

Love it!!

Easy to use and does the trick 👍🏻


Easy to use. Great app.

Amazing app

I wish I new about it earlier. It's so useful as you don't want your location to be shared with random people online (Facebook, Instagram, ...) if they come across your photos. Especially not your home address. Helps prevent stalking. It's an awesome app that works extremely fast and you get to save your photo without location to you iPhone gallery or share it using other apps. I highly recommend it.

Easy to use

Simple and does the job. Stay secure.


If you enjoy your privacy, you'll love this app!


Does exactly what it claims, and does it perfectly. Get this app! Thanks devs.

Serves its purpose

Would be nice to be able to select multiple photos instead of one at a time though.

i like it

i like it


The app is so easy to it.

Awesome Job Guys!!

Great app, if you know what it does then you know you should definitely use it before posting any pictures anywhere.

Good app!

This app works well and is very simple to use. As noted by other reviewers, you have to save the image which will create a duplicate image without the location data. It seems like this particular step could be simplified. Anyway, great app that works as intended. Thank you and I look forward to future updates.


A perfect "does one thing, does it great" sort of app.

Exactly what I was looking for

I just needed a simple app to remove the location data from photos before I post them, and this does exactly that. Quickly allows me to pull up the photo I want, removes the location info and let's me save it back to the camera roll or share it. If you're looking for a way to remove location data from your photos, this app works great.

Fumbled a bit

I just installed and used the app about five minutes ago. This is something I have been looking for after realizing I didn’t turn off the location feature in one of the photo apps I use almost daily, after resetting my iPhone settings nearly a week ago. The app is ad-free which is nice and it’s basic. You allow it access your pics or camera to do it’s work. Tap the image you want the data removed from, a second later it’s done and the menu to share or save pops up at the same time. You MUST save the image, your original does not get overwritten. I checked an image I wanted to remove the location data from and didn’t previously tap Save, this was where I messed up. I thought it had autosaved the image because it said it was done. So I went back and did it again. Checked the image once more and no location data. Maybe an option to either autosave over the original or save as new would be better? The three stars is because there is no brief tut/intro to the app and also because of the back to back asking to share the app seems almost pushy, but that eventually stops. I do recommend this app.

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